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A New School for Architecture — [Almost Spheres series]
Almost Spheres
Black Balloons — [Object series]
Bombay Beach Biennale — [Curation + Event Programming + Graphics]
Chef Katsu — [Japan/ Books+Graphics series] — with MARK MACK — Coming Soon
Coexist— [Books+Graphics series] — Coming Soon
Coyote Mountain — [LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch + Burning Man]
Cuddle Sofa — [Furniture design]
Dichroic Armature — Coming Soon
Home is a Four Letter Word — [Commune series]
Inverted Disco Ball — [Burning Man] — Coming Soon
Katsura  — [Japan series]
Megalomania — [Object series]
Museum of Unwanted Architecture [Graphics + Curator of Curiosities] — with MARK MACK
Orbs of Liquidity — [ETHDenver] — with deepwaters
Tower of Observation & Astronomy — [Almost Spheres series]
Unbuilt Utopia vs. Self-Built Dystopia — [Books+Graphics series]
UNESCO Tea Museum & Cultural Center [Master Plan], Yunnan, China — with MASA STUDIO